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Our ADHD Coaches

Live life in integrity with who you really are.

Our Experienced Team of ADHD Coaches

What is ADHD Coaching?

ADHD Coaching can help you to understand your ADHD, start living life in integrity with who you really are and fulfil their awesome potential.

Want to know more about what ADHD coaching is? Click here.

Why choose us?

All of our coaches have experience in supporting individuals with ADHD in their specialist areas and have personal experience of ADHD, having ADHD themselves, children with ADHD and/or spouses with ADHD. This is important as they know what it is to look through an ADHD lens.


Many of our coaches have trained with the ADD Coaching Academy, only one of two ADHD Coaching Training Providers in the world with ICF accreditation.

Understanding what you need, coupled with our strengths-based and evidence based approach, and consistent results, have made us leaders in our industry.


All our coaching takes place online

This saves you time, effort, expense and avoids the overwhelm and anxiety that can come from having to run from one place to the next. You just need access to a device with a microphone, camera and internet connection. We can also coach you by phone if you would prefer to walk and talk (this is a popular option in the Summer months and is a great way to get you outside!)

Book your free introductory call today


You can choose from a wide selection of our experienced coaches below. Read about each coach to find out more about their specialisms and qualifications and arrange an introductory call with us today.


In your introductory call we can find out more about what you’re looking for from ADHD Coaching, and we can tell you about our methodology.

How much is it?

Our coaches are on different rates, commensurate to their experience - Coach, Certified Coach, Senior Coach and Director. The coach you choose will be able to provide you with quotes during the call, based on which of our packages are best suited to your coaching needs.

Meet our ADHD Coaches

Stephanie Camilleri


Stephanie is the founder of The ADHD Advocate and is uniquely positioned to help you from every angle, from your struggles to accept yourself and take control of your life, to getting the support you are entitled to under the Law. Stephanie is passionate about educating and inspiring individuals with ADHD to understand and embrace their unique brain wiring. She delights in helping you defeat your limiting beliefs and getting you out of your own way to realise the potential you always knew you had.


Senior Coach

Hello! I'm Eleni, a Senior Coach at The ADHD Advocate. I started where you may be—overwhelmed and unsure of what ADHD is. Whether you're looking to support your own diagnosis or that of a family member, friend, or colleague, there is loads of ADHD information available—but what does it all mean for you?


Coach (ADDCA)

Juliet is an ADHD Coach with a background in counselling and teaching. She works with a wide range of adults, with particular focus on late diagnosis and women with peri/menopause symptoms.

Through extensive study and practice, Juliet has gained a deep knowledge and understanding of the 12 Executive Function skills, and believes that awareness of these skills is fundamental in learning about how we can work with (and not against) our unique neurodiverse brains.


Senior Coach

Alex is one of our senior coaches. He has not only completed the ADDCA Advanced training but is an ILM accredited Executive and Management Coach and Mentor. 


Coach (ADDCA)

Introducing Xanthe, an inspiring ADHD coach at The ADHD Advocate, whose personal and professional journey deeply enriches our team. Diagnosed with ADHD as an adult, Xanthe's transformation from discovery to empowerment captures the essence of what it means to live with ADHD. With a diverse background in child and family social work, youth offending services, and fostering, Xanthe brings a wealth of experience to her coaching practice. Her qualifications in counselling and social work, along with training in systemic practice and accredited coaching, provide a solid foundation for her empathetic and holistic approach to coaching. Xanthe is passionate about shifting the narrative around ADHD from one of challenges to one of hope and empowerment, without losing sight of the real difficulties it can present. She values the journey of coaching for anyone ready to engage, regardless of their background or experiences with ADHD. Xanthe’s approach is all about nurturing a more positive relationship with ADHD, for both individuals and families, and she is eager to be part of a community that inspires and fosters growth and understanding in the ADHD space.


Coach (ADDCA)

Meet Emma, a passionate and dedicated coach at The ADHD Advocate, who brings a wealth of expertise and a unique perspective to our team. Specialising in ADHD coaching, with experience enriched by ADDCA Advanced and Family training, Emma also holds a PhD and has previous experience of working in academia, in tech, and in the music industry, lending her a deep insight into navigating all shapes and sizes of employment and self-employment with ADHD.

Emma has a particular interest in the intersection of ADHD with other identities and experiences such as autism, chronic illness, and LGBTQIA+ identity, but she enjoys working with a wide range of clients. She embodies our mission to make a profound impact on understanding and managing ADHD. Whether it's one-on-one coaching, group sessions, or pioneering coaching programs for university students, Emma's enthusiasm for supporting growth and fulfilment shines through in every interaction.


Coach (ADDCA)

Meet Lauren, an accomplished ADHD Coach at The ADHD Advocate, whose passion and dedication to supporting individuals and families shine through her work. With comprehensive training from the ADDCA, including Basic, Simply, and Family courses, Lauren has already made significant strides in family coaching, working closely with both children and parents. Her drive stems from a personal connection to ADHD, having witnessed the profound difference coaching can make. Lauren's ambition to expand her reach includes offering her expertise to adults, professionals, and high school students, aiming to provide tailored support that fosters growth, understanding, and resilience.


Coach (ADDCA)

Meet Ithalia, a vibrant and insightful coach at The ADHD Advocate, whose journey from receiving ADHD coaching to joining our team symbolises a profound testament to personal growth and empowerment. With a rich background as an artist, director, and co-founder of a small dance charity, coupled with her role as a parent and caregiver to young people with neurodiverse needs, Ithalia brings a wealth of lived experience to her coaching practice. Specialising in areas such as entrepreneurship, career coaching, and parenting, Ithalia is passionate about addressing systemic behaviours in workplaces and schools that impact individual growth, well-being and happiness.



Ruth is a Certified Coach who is passionate about helping people with ADHD live a life with more calm, ease, and less overwhelm.

With a diverse professional background that includes experiences in the NHS, teaching, and establishing businesses’, she brings a unique skill set to her coaching sessions.


Coach (ADDCA)

Introducing Lara, an enthusiastic and dedicated Certified ADDCA Coach at The ADHD Advocate, committed to transforming lives through ADHD coaching. With a keen eye for identifying and nurturing clients' strengths, Lara aims to empower individuals to become the best versions of themselves. Her background in psychology, complemented by specialised training in ADHD coaching via ADDCA, sets a solid foundation for her practice. Energised by clients who are eager for change and ready to take action. Lara's approach is all about leveraging individual strengths in the journey towards personal transformation and growth.


Coach (ADDCA)

Kim is a trained Registered Nurse and certified ADHD and Life Coach. Kim holds a Bachelor of Science, Nursing at La Trobe University, and has enjoyed a health career working in many diverse clinical settings, most recently working as a Health and Wellbeing Coach since 2016 supporting clients from marginalised communities. Whilst in this role, Kim worked with many neurodiverse clients and families, and witnessed the many benefits a coaching approach provided. Aligning her skills with a growing passion and interest in ADHD, Kim completed specialised ADHD & Life Coach training through ADDCA (ADD Coach Academy) in New York.


Coach (ADDCA)

Having spent 15 plus years as a Nurse and Nurse Educator I have now developed my career to coaching, my focus is around developing existing strengths and self-esteem. I also have an interest in families and children helping them navigate ADHD as a team. I have recently spent time completing 'Understanding Autism' and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) course to help me widen my ability to work with both ADHDers and AuDHDers and incorporate where appropriate CBT techniques.


Coach (ADDCA)

Roberta is an ADHD coach trained at ADDCA with more than a decade of experience in academia and a robust research background in neurodiversity, ADHD, and philosophy of psychiatry.
Roberta has lived, studied and worked in several countries (Italy, France, Switzerland, Germany, and the UK) and has an intimate understanding of the complex experience of the ADHDer who’s driven to embark on exciting new experiences abroad, while also struggling with the challenges that come with the adventure (having to adapt to ever-changing environments and cultural norms and languages, the lack of a local support network, and feeling isolated and misunderstood.)



Marks initial focus is helping people who live with ADHD find jobs or help them with issues they are having within employment. Mark works 4 days a week for South London and Maudsley Hospital as a Job Coach working closely with therapists to help people with mental health issues overcome their employment issues. Mark has found great reward in working with employed and unemployed ADHD brains helping them navigate the challenges of ADHD in the work place together.



Sarah is a Certified Coach at The ADHD Advocate, dedicated to supporting individuals with ADHD to excel personally, academically, and professionally. With nearly 20 years of leadership experience in education both nationally and internationally, she brings a unique blend of transferable skills and insights to her coaching practice. Fascinated by human uniqueness, Sarah has researched extensively to understand diverse experiences and perspectives. As a senior leader, she has consistently prioritised inclusion, recognising the impact of behaviours on interactions. Her role as a SENCo highlighted the profound benefits of understanding and support, fueling her passion for making a meaningful difference through coaching.

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