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Transform Your Workplace with ADHD Co-Coaching Sessions.

Enhancing Communication and Understanding Between Managers and Employees with ADHD.

What Are ADHD Co-Coaching Sessions?

ADHD Co-Coaching Sessions are designed to bridge communication gaps and enhance understanding between managers and employees with ADHD. These sessions address misunderstandings, foster mutual respect, and rebuild positive working relationships by leveraging the unique perspectives brought by ADHD. When managers and employees understand each other better, they set and communicate more achievable expectations, leading to greater success.

Six Comprehensive Sessions to Transform Your Work Relationships

Each session is approximately one hour long and focuses on specific objectives.

Session 1: Building Rapport and Setting Goals
Establish a safe and trusting environment, clarify expectations, and set mutual goals.


Session 2: Understanding ADHD and Its Impact
Increase awareness of ADHD and its impact on workplace dynamics, and explore potential accommodations.


Session 3: Effective Communication Strategies
Objective: Practice communication techniques that promote clarity, understanding, and empathy.


Session 4: Conflict Resolution and Problem-Solving
Address conflicts and develop strategies for constructive resolution.


Session 5: Establishing Boundaries and Expectations
Define clear boundaries and expectations for alignment and accountability.

Session 6: Review and Action Planning
Reflect on progress, identify areas for growth, and develop a sustaining action plan.

Success Stories

"To work with someone who completely ‘gets it’ is revolutionary"

Michelle Beckett - Founder of ADHD Action

Ready to Transform Your Workplace?

Join us in creating a more supportive and productive work environment through ADHD Co-Coaching Sessions. Book your session today and start your journey towards better communication and understanding.

For more information about our ADHD Co-Coaching Sessions or to discuss your specific needs, please contact us.

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