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ADHD Awareness Training

Live life in integrity with who you really are.

A workplace needs to be equipped to support all of its employees in order to succeed.

A community and workplace unable to support it's members and employees will fail.


Many neurodiverse conditions still carry weighty negative connotations. It's possible that there may be staff struggling due to not being unaware they have ADHD. And it's very common that diagnosed employees will try and hide any shortfall or need, rather than ask for reasonable adjustments to be made to improve their workplace happiness and efficiency.

A company that has made steps to be ADHD friendly will be benefiting from a dedicated, passionate and appreciative staff. Through intelligent, well thought out training - we want your team to be able to not only support - but recognise, the needs of others. Compassion and understanding filters through the business and it's up to those that can, to set the culture within.

The value of investing in ADHD Awareness Training

We want you to get the best out of your staff, which is why we offer comprehensive, enlightening workplace training that aims to educate rather than dictate.


Our ADHD Awareness Training can help you:


- Recognise and understand ADHD and neurodiversity in the workplace

- Support your staff and give them the tools to thrive and succeed

- Increase productivity


- Improve staff retention

- Create a better workplace culture

- Generate business wealth

How we can help

We offer tailor-made courses that cater to your needs, including:

Medical Team

Your business and industry

We've provided courses to suit the training and development requirements of many industries, including Medicine, Law, Finance, Technology and more.


We can tailor our training to suit the particular needs and challenges of ADHD people working in your field.


Any audience size

We can tailor to suit your organisation's size and needs from large scale masterclasses to specialist consultancy that feeds into strategic HR planning.


Often our clients want small group sessions with our expert trainers. We are functioning ADHD coaches, with a unique perspective helping both businesses and employees simultaneously.

Image by Chris Montgomery

Online or in-person

As ADHD experts who do most of our work online, we know how to hold focus and deliver memorable, engaging sessions via video conferencing.


However, we also offer the option of face-to-face training, especially for those organisations looking to book a more extended or collaborative session. 


Image by Guzel Maksutova

Your choice of topics

Many businesses opt for an Overview of ADHD in the Workplace.

This includes training on recognising ADHD in the workplace; understanding the strengths and limitations of ADHD; offering practical, helpful and empathetic tools to support and improve the workplace dynamic; promoting strategies for success.


Other organisations prefer to book us for a Deep-Dive into Specific Areas.


For example, you might want us to assist your Managers and HR team to better understand Reasonable Adjustments for ADHD; or you may want help finding solutions for ADHD challenges affecting your busy team such as Communication and Time Management.

We can also highlight the many other neurodiverse companions of ADHD through general

Neurodiversity in the Workplace training.


This can further understanding of conditions like:

- Dyslexia

- ASD (Autism Spectrum Condition)

- RSD (Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria)

- OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)


We can help remove the stigma of these conditions and normalise neurodiversity in the workforce, equipping your organisation to understand, provide accommodations and harness the unique strengths of all your staff.


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Live or pre-recorded.

Our live sessions with Q&A are most requested, as time pressure and the 'live' element give focus.


However we also offer pre-recorded sessions to listen at your leisure, which are great for busy teams and can be revisited at any time.


Access to Work funding


Our workplace training can be covered by Access to Work funding given to employees with ADHD.

Get in touch with us today


If you would like to grow and evolve as a company and feel you and your staff may benefit from ADHD Awareness Training please contact us to make an enquiry and book a free initial consultation with one of our ADHD Awareness Trainers.

"I feel understood instead of isolated, which makes a huge difference. It makes things feel solvable and comprehendible"

- ADHD Awareness Training client

Clients We Have Worked With

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