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Access to Work Funding

Live life in integrity with who you really are.

Do you know what funding is available to you?

Neurodiversity is a wonderful thing; however, it is often misunderstood and can sometimes be problematic in the workplace. This is particularly the case with invisible disabilities like ADHD.


Employees and business owners with ADHD often report feeling overwhelmed, over-burdened and unsupported. They struggle with setting boundaries, delegating, managing others, prioritising, scheduling, writing emails and reports, timekeeping, sensory sensitivities, and staying on top of paperwork and clutter.


Coupled with Rejection Sensitivity Disorder (RSD) this can lead to a degradation in their performance, an inability to manage their emotions, insomnia, and a loss of confidence. Not surprisingly, without support, this can result in poor mental health, sickness and frequent absence from work leading to a prolonged and painful exit from the workplace.

The government's Access to Work scheme can provide support and funding to help you mitigate or manage your ADHD challenges at work.

What Workplace Adjustments and Aids Can Be Funded?

It's totally personal to your situation, but here are some examples to get you thinking:

- ADHD Coaching to help you manage your ADHD challenges at work

- ADHD Awareness Training to help your workplace better understand and support their neurodiverse workforce

- Personal Assistant for administration support

- Noise Cancelling Headphones to help with distraction

- Standing Desks to help with hyperactivity

Voice to Text, Task Management or Mind Mapping software to support your working style

For more examples of ADHD aids, see our recommended products and apps.

Check out the Government website for more information about Access to Work. The charity ADHD UK also has some great information for ADHDers who are applying for Access to Work here​.

How To Apply for Access to Work Funding


Download our Access to Work booklet or watch our easy guide on how to apply for Access to Work funding below.

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