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Individuals with ADHD

Live life in integrity with who you really are.

We offer a range of services for individuals with ADHD and their loved ones.

ADHD Coaching

We can help you specifically target your ADHD challenges through one-to-one or group coaching with our experienced ADHD coaches.

All our coaches have personal lived experience of ADHD, either having ADHD themselves, children with ADHD and/or spouses with ADHD. This gives us the edge because we've been in your shoes and will always have a foot in your camp. The difference is that we have the professional training and experience to help you navigate the pitfalls and obstacles of

the neurotypical world.


We start by exploring your hidden strengths and personal values with you, and look at what is working and not working for you when it comes to your ADHD.


From there, we can help you build structures, skills and strategies so you can manage your ADHD more effectively.

Our coaches can help you gain clarity, stay focused on your goals, and tackle ADHD challenges like...

- Planning & Prioritising

- Low Self-Esteem

- Managing Finances

- Impulsivity

- Mindset

- Problem Solving

- Health and Fitness

- Organisation

- Interpersonal Challenges

- Decision-Making

- Time Management

- Emotional Dysregulation

- Setting Goals

We offer...

Smiling Person Talking through Headphones well as specialised programmes for...

High School Friends

GCSE & A Level Students


Graduation Ceremony

University Students


Employee meeting
Work from Home
Doing Homework
Book Your Free Introductory Call Today


In your introductory call we can find out more about what you’re looking for from ADHD Coaching, and we can tell you about our methodology.

We will be able to provide you with quotes during the call, based on which coaches and/or packages are best suited for you.


We help people with ADHD and their families understand their legal rights, empowering them to advocate for the support they need to succeed.

We offer advocacy for...

"To work with someone who completely ‘gets it’ is revolutionary"

Michelle Beckett - Founder of ADHD Action

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