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Our services for university students

We can help students harness their potential

Students with ADHD are often very intelligent, creative, innovative and hard-working individuals but

struggle to stay in University and complete their degrees due to not getting the support that they need. This is primarily due to a lack of understanding of their unique brain wiring.

Due to ADHD challenges of hyperactivity, impulsivity, distractibility, emotional dysregulation and executive function impairment, despite their best efforts (which are often misconstrued), these students constantly fail to meet expectations, including their own. Not unsurprisingly, these students quickly become frustrated and give up, dropping out of University.

Here are the some of the most common ADHD challenges that students with ADHD struggle with on a daily basis that adversely affect performance:

- Lack of Sleep

- Managing Expectations and Time Blindness

- Issues with Clutter

- Lack of Structure

- Inability to Set Clear Boundaries

- Not Disclosing their ADHD Due to Stigma

- Low Self-Esteem and Sensitivity to Rejection

- Procrastination

The ADHD Advocate can help ADHD students understand their abilities and how they relate to their course of study and eventual career. We focus on what they can do themselves to improve their results and maximise their potential, as well as providing advice on adjustments.

Watch our useful webinar on succeeding at university with ADHD below:
















We offer a variety of services for university students with ADHD...

One-to-One ADHD Coaching


At The ADHD Advocate, we provide coaching to many students with ADHD, helping them identify and plot out their steps to success, and feel in control and ready for what lies ahead. Coaching sessions are used to create and implement structures and supports that will minimise their ADHD challenges and allow them to stay in University, complete their degrees and thrive.


When it comes to study strategies we "make the invisible visible, the intangible tangible and the inaccessible accessible." Most importantly we make it relevant and appealing to their interest-based nervous systems.

Download our university student handbook which contains:

- Information on our University Student Coaching Programme

- Tips for understanding your ADHD at university

- Recommended study aids for ADHD

Book Your Free Introductory Call Today


In your introductory call we can find out more about what you’re looking for from ADHD Coaching, and we can tell you about our methodology.

We will be able to provide you with quotes during the call, based on which coaches and/or packages are best suited for you.

Disability Student Allowance

Unfortunately, at present, ADHD Coaching isn't covered by DSA. However, there are some other ADHD aids and accommodations which can be covered. Find out more here.


Emotional wellbeing and mindset are crucial to succeeding at university. At The ADHD Advocate, we have found with our students, that to get in the right mindset, they need to understand and accept their ADHD and embrace the strengths of this unique brain wiring. In the right situations, ADHD can be a superpower. After all, ADHD is situationally variable.


Unfortunately, the delivery of education and mode of assessment (weighted heavily on the results of exams and dissertations) is not exactly ADHD friendly.

Get in touch to book a 90-minute consultation!

One-to-One ADHD Coaching
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