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We help children with ADHD understand their unique brain wiring, lean into their strengths and enable them to cope with their challenges so that they can reach their potential.

Children with ADHD experience many challenges in school and at home, including:

- Boredom and understimulation

- Difficulty with executive function skills like:

        - Maintaining and regulating their attention

        - Finishing what they've started

        - Making decisions

        - Organisation

        - Planning and prioritising

        - Remembering things

        - Controlling impulsive behaviours

- Emotional dysregulation and sensitivity to rejection, resulting in:

        - People pleasing

        - Avoidance

        - Aggression

It is crucial that children with ADHD receive the support they need to understand and manage their ADHD challenges. If an individual's ADHD goes unmanaged it can have serious implications for their wellbeing. However, ADHD also comes this a set of unique strengths such as creativity, problem-solving and deep passion. If properly supported, children with ADHD can not just survive but flourish in ways their neurotypical peers may never do.


For a guide to understanding your child with ADHD, you can download our Parents Handbook.

You can also watch our super useful webinars for ADHD families:














We offer a variety of services for GCSE and A Level students with ADHD...

One-to-One ADHD Coaching

The ADHD Advocate has designed a coaching programme for school children aged 8-11 with ADHD to help them:

1. Understand that ADHD isn’t a flaw or something to be ashamed of and that with the right knowledge and support, having ADHD can be a source of strength.

2. Gain the tools and self-awareness to better manage the everyday challenges of ADHD, from impulse control and mood swings to disorganisation and distractability so that they can more confidently navigate school and home life with ADHD.

For more information download our Kids Coaching Programme Handbook.

Book Your Free Introductory Call Today


In your introductory call we can find out more about your child's ADHD challenges and how ADHD Coaching could benefit them, and we can tell you about our methodology.

We will be able to provide you with quotes during the call, based on which coaches and/or packages are best suited for you.


We can help you understand your child's legal rights, empowering you to advocate for the support they need to succeed.

We can help with advising parents of children with SEND in relation to:


- Education, Health and Care Plans

- Exclusions

- Reasonable Adjustments

- Discrimination in Schools

You can check out our Advocacy page for more information.

Get in touch to book a 90-minute consultation!

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