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Our services for employees

Helping employees with ADHD to perform at their best

ADHD can lend incredible strengths in the workplace, such as:

- Creativity

- Curiosity

- Problem-Solving

- Taking Risks & Seizing Opportunities

- Multi-Tasking

- Blue Sky Thinking

- Passion & Hyperfocus

However, ADHD can present real challenges at work, such as difficulties with:

- Workplace Relationships e.g.

     - Emotional Regulation

     - Communication

     - Rejection Sensitivity

- Completing Tasks e.g.

     - Planning & Prioritising

     - Organisation

     - Time Management

     - Distractibility & Procrastination

     - Administrative Tasks

     - Perfectionism

- Wellbeing e.g.

     - Juggling Work/Life Balance

     - Overwhelm & Burnout

Without the right support, work life can be one of the biggest challenges for ADHDers. Many ADHD employees experience bullying, discrimination, legal disputes or even unemployment due to difficulties caused by their ADHD.

We have a variety of services for ADHD employees...

One-to-One ADHD Coaching


We provide a workplace coaching programme for ADHDers that can help you harness your awesome ADHD strengths and explore tools, strategies and systems tailored specifically to your personal ADHD challenges that are holding you back at work.

To understand more about how your ADHD may be impacting you at work, see our handy Guide to Understanding ADHD in the Workplace which you can also show your employer when asking for support or adjustments.

Book Your Free Introductory Call Today


In your introductory call we can find out more about what you’re looking for from ADHD Coaching, and we can tell you about our methodology.

We will be able to provide you with quotes during the call, based on which coaches and/or packages are best suited for you.

Workplace Adjustments and Funding

Some workplace adjustments and aids for ADHDers are covered under the Government’s Access to Work scheme, including ADHD Coaching. Check out our Funding Information page to learn more.

Workplace Advocacy

We can help with advising employees with ADHD in relation to:


- Discrimination in the Workplace

- Reasonable Adjustments

- Preparing for Tribunal

Contact us to make an enquiry or book a 90 minute consultation.

ADHD Awareness Training

We also offer tailor-made ADHD Awareness Training courses to help employers understand ADHD and neurodiversity in the workplace.

If you choose to do ADHD Coaching with us, our ADHD Awareness Training can help you get the full support you need. As the people who know your workplace challenges, we can ensure the training covers any support needs you have so your employers are fully equipped to help you.

You can find out more on our ADHD Awareness Training page (feel free to send this page to your employer).

Our workplace training can be covered by Access to Work funding. Click here to find out more.



One-to-One ADHD Coaching
Workplace Advocacy
ADHD Awareness Training
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