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ADHD Job Coach - Mark has over 14 years experienced helping ADHD brains overcome the barriers that prevent them achieving what they want to achieve.


14 years coaching experience. | Lived ADHD experience

Age Groups:

18 +

More Info:

At The ADHD Advocate, we are privileged to have Mark Allan as a part of our coaching team. Mark brings a unique perspective to ADHD coaching, learnt from both his personal journey and professional experience.


Marks initial focus is helping people who live with ADHD find jobs or help them with issues they are having within employment.  Mark works 4 days a week for South London and Maudsley Hospital as a Job Coach working closely with therapists to help people with mental health issues overcome their employment issues.  Mark has found great reward in working with employed and unemployed ADHD brains helping them navigate the challenges of ADHD in the work place together. 

It was not until later in life, when Mark was diagnosed with ADHD, that he realised his innovative and "outside-the-box" approach was actually ADHD-friendly ways of achieving desired results.

To be successful in finding employment, Mark believes in the importance of standing out from the crowd. This approach has enabled the individuals who have followed his process to achieve their goals. It is the key reason for Mark's successful career, helping hundreds of people from various backgrounds and at different stages of their careers achieve their set goals. “You get out, what you put in” 

His expertise does not just extend to ADHD job seekers but also extends to supporting individuals across various life stages and professions. Mark aims to provide a comprehensive support system that caters to the diverse needs of the ADHD community.


2020 - Highly Commended at Southwark  Business Excellence Awards for Entrepreneur of the Year award. 

2021 - Commended at Southwark Business Excellence Awards for Commitment to employment training award.

2022: Highly commended at Kent Mental Health and Wellbeing awards for Connect Bench idea which created safe outside spaces for people to engage to combat loneliness and mental health.

May 2024:Founder of which is being constructed to help people living with ADHD to “support the symptoms not live the label”

June 2024: Marks first book “ADHD Job Coach” is scheduled for release.

Philosophy and Approach:

Marks approach to coaching is by empathy, understanding and a genuine commitment to help make a positive change. Mark is driven by the belief that everyone deserves the tools and knowledge to navigate this neurotypical world with confidence and resilience. His methods involves tailored support, focusing on the strengths and potential of each individual to overcome the hurdles that ADHD may present in life. 

Why Choose Mark?

Choosing Mark Allan as your ADHD coach means engaging with a professional who not only possesses over a decade of experience but also brings a genuine dedication of creativity to his work. His aspiration to impact lives positively through innovative and an outside the box approach that help people achieve their set goals.

Embark on your path to empowerment with Mark Allan at The ADHD Advocate, where his expertise and compassion pave the way for transformation and growth within the ADHD community.

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