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Stephanie Camilleri



Transformational Coaching, Parents (incl. SEND Legal Guidance), Relationships, Employees (incl. Legal & Medical Professionals), Employers, Entrepreneurs


Founder of The ADHD Advocate, Co-Founder of ADHD Unlocked, ADDCA Certification, Bachelor of Commerce (Finance)/Laws

Age Groups:


More Info:

Stephanie Camilleri leads The ADHD Advocate as our CEO. As a proud ADHDer herself, she is passionate about educating and inspiring as many people as possible to understand and embrace ADHD.

She is also the co-founder of ADHD Unlocked, a membership community that provides ADHD education, implementation and community support.

Stephanie used to be a Magic Circle Lawyer in Banking and understands the challenges first hand of navigating the workplace with ADHD and is passionate about raising ADHD awareness in Education, Healthcare and the Workplace, particularly in professions such as the Law and Medicine, as well as people in Manager roles and Entrepreneurs.

What Stephanie's clients say:

"I am now committed to be all in for an exploration of who I am at my core. To commit to saying yes to my needs and self-care. And that means being and living an authentic life."

- Property Entrepreneur

"You are really helping me uncover my most valuable buried treasures, and that's an eternal source. Your gift of coaching is like rain for a dry river bed."

- Parent

"Her coaching is above and beyond expectations. Stephanie ensures you feel listened to, with her compassionate and reflective approach. With ADHD it’s easy to feel lost and distracted. With Stephanie’s framework, the support during and after each session ensures you can achieve the clarity and focus you need to stay on track."

- Technology Consultant

I could have cried I was so happy and grateful how well my daughter's session went - everything I’d hoped for. To have watched her struggling on so many sides ... being continually pulled down, largely by her ADHD, burying her head about it all and despite trying so hard she’s really been quite unhappy and even lost. I think you have broken through and the fact she talked so openly with you is extraordinary and such a comfort. [You’re] dynamic, smart, kind and do so much good in the world … Truly thank you.”

Parent of an ADHD Teen

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