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Get back in the Driver's seat...

Are you sick of feeling like a passenger in your own life?

At The ADHD Advocate, our role as your ADHD Coach is to help you tell a new more empowering story about yourself and your ADHD, by looking through an ADHD lens. We not only give you perspective, but we reinstill hope, reinvigorate your aspirations and return you to yourself so that you can create and move forward towards your heartfelt vision.

(We also very much help you get out of your own way (and at times throw your backpack over the wall) to get you there!)

We would love for everyone to understand and experience the transformational power of ADHD Coaching. The Life Coach Directory has gotten us off to a flying start by featuring our ADHD explainer video on their Life Coach Directory ADHD Coaching page:

Do join us in raising ADHD Coaching awareness and share this video far and wide.

If you are an employee, sole-trader or entrepreneur with ADHD then you're in luck. You get to access ADHD Coaching for free through the DWP's Access to Work scheme. For more information read our booklet here and come to our ATW Application session tomorrow at 1pm to apply. Register for the session here.

Here's a sneak peak for what we have in store for our 6th year ahead...

  • Our new Monday Live Podcast (featuring replays of our Monday Lives on our Facebook page that cover all things ADHD)

  • Group Coaching Programmes starting this Summer 2023

  • Our Intensive and Rolling Academic Success Programmes for High School and University Students launching in September 2023

We are delighted to be presenting our Academic Success Programmes at the TES SEN Show in October here in the UK and then again in the United States at the CHADD Conference in November (where our programme was selected out of 450 entries!). Both programmes are scheduled to launch in September 2023 to prepare students for the coming academic year. To find out more about how we can support your student with ADHD come to our 2nd Cup Parent Meeting this Friday 12pm. Register for free here.

We are adding Dialectical Behavioural Therapy to the mix

We are privileged to have Dr Vik Patel, Dialectical Behavioural Therapist, joining our ranks soon to equip our clients with valuable DBT skills. More about Dr Patel in our next newsletter so stay tuned...

Thank you for your ongoing support. Please continue to follow our updates on Facebook and LinkedIn, and give us your feedback. We are always looking for new ways to better support our ADHDers. After all, together we are better.

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