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The ADHD Advocate celebrates its 6th Birthday

As I reflect on the journey of The ADHD Advocate over the past year, I am filled with immense pride and gratitude. Since our last anniversary, we have achieved significant milestones and forged new paths that continue to enhance the lives of individuals with ADHD. As we celebrate our 6th birthday on 14th of May, join me in a review of our accomplishments and our follow up newsletter highlighting our future projects and exciting plans.

It was a busy year. Here is a sample of just a few of the things we got up to...

The First UK ADHD Coaching Summit

Last year, we proudly launched the first ever UK ADHD Coaching Summit, uniting top experts and ADDCA coaches to enhance support and strategies for the ADHD community. We were honoured to have ADDCA founder David Giwerc open the summit for us. This historical event was not only a milestone for us but also for the ADHD community in the UK.

Register here for our 2024 Summit.

Keynote at the Retrain Expo in London

We had the privilege of being part of the Retrain Expo in London, where we

showcased innovative approaches to ADHD coaching and support, connecting with professionals and individuals eager to learn and grow. We were delighted to see so much interest from employers eager to better support their ADHD employees through ADHD Awareness Training.

To book ADHD Awareness Training get in touch.

Feature in the Allen and Overy Yearbook

I was delighted to be invited to feature in the Allen & Overy Alumni Yearbook by my former employer to speak about my personal ADHD journey as well as my experience of working in the Law with undiagnosed ADHD. You can read the article "The Power of ADHD and how to Harness it" here.

To experience the benefits of ADHD Coaching, employees can join our next group coaching session starting 29 May 2024 here.

CHADD Conference in America

Our representation at the renowned CHADD conference in America allowed us to

share our insights on a global stage, learning from and contributing to the

international ADHD discourse.

Speaking at the TES SEND Show

Our involvement in the TES SEND Show enabled us to connect with educators and

specialists, furthering our mission of supporting educational success for individuals

with ADHD. If you missed out on visiting us last year, do come and join us at this year's show!

SEND Conference with Beyond Autism

At the recent SEND Conference in Manchester, I had the privilege of contributing to a panel discussion alongside Hannah Smith from Beyond Autism, focusing on enhancing support for students with ADHD and Autism. We discussed "AuDHD" and delved into best practices for teaching and supporting these students, emphasising the importance of making reasonable adjustments and providing tailored educational provisions.

Our High School Success Programme

We initiated our High School Success Programme to support teenagers studying for GCSEs and A Levels with ADHD, aiding them in overcoming educational hurdles and achieving their full potential.

To register your interest for the next programme in September 2024 please email

As we head into our 7th year, we look forward to continuing to help you tell a new more empowering story about ADHD

Stay tuned for what we have in store...

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