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The UK's first ADHD Coaching Summit

Today is the day!

Join us for the UK's first ADHD Coaching Summit from 4-8pm Monday 30th October and Tuesday 31st October.

Whether you have ADHD, know someone with ADHD, or are in the business of helping individuals with ADHD, and you want to know how ADHD Coaching can help ADHDers thrive with ADHD, then come along!

ADHD Coaching can be truly transformational for ADHDers, for not only managing their challenges but helping them realise their often great potential. We have the evidence to prove it!

This will be the first of many ADHD Coaching Summits and in true ADHD style, we have got it together quite last minute and have again "thrown our backpack over the wall" in the aim of "Progress, not Perfection". And getting the word out about how impactful ADHD Coaching is in the treatment of ADHD is certainly progress!!

There is no way that this would have got off the ground without my amazing team at The ADHD Advocate (whose backpacks too often get thrown over the wall alongside mine!) They are truly a resilient and brilliant bunch of awesome individuals ;)

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