ADHD Advocacy

Know Your Rights

I have noticed that many families are not even aware of what support is available to their children at school and that many schools don't know what support they are legally obliged to provide to their pupils. As a result, many of these children do not receive what they are entitled to under law, and more importantly, what they deserve in order to learn and grow.

I advise families about their rights and inform schools about their obligations. This ensures that these often gifted and very bright children get what they need to fulfill their exceptional promise.

The main problem is that there is a dire lack of funding in schools, which means too few teaching assistants and little to no access to things like occupational and speech therapy for our children with ADHD. One solution to this is obtaining an Educational Health and Care Plan (EHCP). Unfortunately, this can be a nightmare process, but I can help.

Concept or conceptual education abstract

Although I am no longer practicing as a lawyer, I specialise in Education Law, particularly the Special Educational Needs and Disabilities ("SEND") legal framework, with a focus on ADHD. I can also help in cases where kids are at risk of being excluded from school or from school trips and extra-curricular activities. Adults with ADHD sometimes need help with their employers to get the support that they need in the workplace and I can be of assistance here too.

The law should really be the last resort so we don’t go in there with guns blazing! We first aim for education, collaboration, and building good relationships. If this approach fails, then knowing your legal rights is crucial for you to get what you or your child need to thrive.