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Live Life In Integrity With Who
You Really Are

With extensive personal and professional experience in ADHD, Law, Coaching and Education, The ADHD Advocate can help you understand ADHD, your entitlements to support under law and how you can manage the challenges and harness the strengths that come with ADHD so that you can live a happy and fulfilling life... in integrity with who you really are.

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Thrive because of your ADHD - not in spite of it!

You can't tame what you have not named. This is particularly the case with ADHD, as without the "label", if you do have ADHD you will continue to tell yourself the same old story - that you are a bad daughter/son, student, parent or friend... The guilt and shame will persist. The inconsistencies, failures and disappointments come down to just who you are. Depression and hopelessness prevails.

It doesn't have to be that way... When you understand that you have ADHD, you can finally get the help you need to manage the challenges that have been holding you back, and more importantly, to harness the unique strengths that come with ADHD so that you can thrive.

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Coaching with Stephanie was really grounding as she helped you put a different lens up through which to look at your own life or way of being that you wanted to change. It seemed so hard to do on my own but with Stephanie's insightful questions, warmth and energy in protected time to reflect... so much has changed for me, what seemed impossible then, is just part of my life now - and for the better!

L.C. - Parent of children with ADHD and SEND Specialist

Having been diagnosed with ADHD at the age of 33, I was keen to start coaching as part of my treatment plan. I was very lucky to have found Stephanie as her coaching has provided me with tips, techniques and insights that I will carry with me for the rest of my life. She is excellent at helping you to identify your inner strengths and passions, and then coaching you towards your goals in an ADHD friendly way! Stephanie truly listens, is very patient and will provide you with many 'lightbulb' moments during your journey with her! Her ADHD knowledge and insight is invaluable for anyone struggling with the condition. I've come so far in the six months since my diagnosis and Stephanie has played a massive part in my progress.

Fraser Coleman

Stephanie gave me invaluable and brilliant support and advice through the process of dealing with the Local Authority to get my chosen school named on my daughter’s EHCP. She provided me with an extensive framework to write a full and effective response to the initial proposed provision on the Draft Plan; her educational legal expertise is fantastic and she has strong knowledge and understanding of how SEN works within schools and local authorities. Stephanie’s letter was instrumental in persuading my LA to agree to our chosen independent and out of borough school, which has transformed my daughter’s life.

Alison Davis



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Experienced ADHD Lawyer, Coach and Educator

Stephanie is a certified ADHD Coach (AAC) with an ICF ACC credential, a Lawyer specialising in SEND advocacy, a Primary School Governor for SEND and Mental Health, a Parent of children with ADHD and ADHD herself.

Before becoming an ADHD coach, Stephanie was a Finance Lawyer in some of the top firms in the world. Having experienced the struggles around the lack of understanding of ADHD in the Education and Healthcare sectors first hand through her daughters, Stephanie founded The ADHD Advocate to raise awareness of, and champion individuals with, ADHD through a unique combination of Coaching, Education and the Law.

Stephanie passionately believes that identifying ADHD and understanding this neurobiological condition is key to helping individuals with ADHD thrive. Failure to diagnose, misdiagnose and/or failure to treat ADHD can have devastating consequences for individuals with ADHD and their families. For this reason, Stephanie has recently joined ADHD Action as a trustee to create change and build "a future where every individual affected by ADHD and their families are understood and fully supported".

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