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ADHD Education

Understand ADHD

I provide ADHD training to individuals, families, schools, organizations, and healthcare professionals alike to help them understand what makes the ADHD brain tick. This helps everybody to look at ADHD from a broader perspective and to stop seeing it as a "Disability".

The inattention, hyperactivity, impulsivity, and emotional dysregulation associated with this neurobiological condition can be exhausting and difficult to manage until you understand the ‘why’. This is particularly the case if ADHD has not been diagnosed.

With a bit of education, you can not only learn how to accommodate ADHD but also how to cultivate it in such a way that the unique strengths of this “condition” can come to the fore.

Individuals with ADHD have great potential, particularly our children with ADHD – let’s help them realize it! 

Book an Initial Consultation to find out how  today.

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