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Stephanie Camilleri


Stephanie is the founder of The ADHD Advocate and is uniquely positioned to help you from every angle, from your struggles to accept yourself and take control of your life, to getting the support you are entitled to under the Law. Stephanie is passionate about educating and inspiring individuals with ADHD to understand and embrace their unique brain wiring. She delights in helping you defeat your limiting beliefs and getting you out of your own way to realise the potential you always knew you had.

Scarlet Simmons

Kids Coach

Scarlet has has a BSc in Psychology, and a Masters in Acting, which she uses to help children find confidence, develop their social skills, and discover tools to help them in their everyday life.


Senior Coach

Alex is one of our senior coaches. He has not only completed the ADDCA Advanced training but is an ILM accredited Executive and Management Coach and Mentor. 



Having spent 15 plus years as a Nurse and Nurse Educator I have now developed my career to coaching, my focus is around developing existing strengths and self-esteem. I also have an interest in families and children helping them navigate ADHD as a team. I have recently spent time completing 'Understanding Autism' and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) course to help me widen my ability to work with both ADHDers and AuDHDers and incorporate where appropriate CBT techniques.

Leanne Maskell

Senior Coach

Leanne is the Author of 'ADHD: an A to Z' and is an expert on all things ADHD. Leanne has both personal and professional experience of ADHD having struggled at school as a result of her executive function challenges and difficulty concentrating.



Tina wants you to be able to create a successful environment with the right work-life balance. Enabling you to make requests and adjustments coming from a place of power and confidence.



Meet Ithalia, a vibrant and insightful coach at The ADHD Advocate, whose journey from receiving ADHD coaching to joining our team symbolises a profound testament to personal growth and empowerment. With a rich background as an artist, director, and co-founder of a small dance charity, coupled with her role as a parent and caregiver to young people with neurodiverse needs, Ithalia brings a wealth of lived experience to her coaching practice. Specialising in areas such as entrepreneurship, career coaching, and parenting, Ithalia is passionate about addressing systemic behaviours in workplaces and schools that impact individual growth, well-being and happiness.



Roberta is an ADHD coach trained at ADDCA with more than a decade of experience in academia and a robust research background in neurodiversity, ADHD, and philosophy of psychiatry.
Roberta has lived, studied and worked in several countries (Italy, France, Switzerland, Germany, and the UK) and has an intimate understanding of the complex experience of the ADHDer who’s driven to embark on exciting new experiences abroad, while also struggling with the challenges that come with the adventure (having to adapt to ever-changing environments and cultural norms and languages, the lack of a local support network, and feeling isolated and misunderstood.)

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