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Why I owe so much of my success as a Doctor to The ADHD Advocate

When I started my journey I was in a really chaotic place. I had been diagnosed with ADHD for about 5 years and had managed to struggle through one degree already, with medication alone. However, when the pandemic hit alongside what I can only describe as the worst breakup of my life, I knew I needed more than medication to survive. I needed tools and skills to help me get through my day to day survival at the time; and I honestly mean survival.

I found The ADHD Advocate online and knew for me it would be a long game. I decided to opt for the longer course of sessions and I haven’t looked back since. As anyone with ADHD is sure to agree, my life is like a helter-skelter on a daily (sometimes hourly) basis. Stephanie is phenomenal and has helped me reach my full potential and turn my life around.

I’d like to say she handed me a set of skills that magically ‘cured’ my ADHD but in reality; who would want that? I wouldn’t be the person I am today without my ADHD and Stephanie is the first person who finally realised that and actually saw me. We are who we are because of our ADHD and she helped me harness this absolute super power through discussions that allowed me to reach my own conclusion about different situations and what to do in them.

This is what I love about her approach – she doesn’t interfere, doesn’t overstep the line and doesn’t claim to live a perfect life herself so that she can tell you how to live one. She is real and has a heart of gold and helps you realise the best version of yourself on your own.

Through active conversation and trying many different activities/skills/methods that you somehow manage to suggest yourself through open conversation with Stephanie, you realise that the power to succeed was within you the entire time.

I could speak forever about how Stephanie has changed my life and helped me become the successful Doctor-to-be that I am today but there’s not enough time in the world. I must mention however, that speaking with another incredibly successful woman who also has ADHD makes you feel at home, part of a community and most importantly, heard.

I have worked with Stephanie for about a year and a half now and although my trajectory hasn’t been exclusively up, my overall standing from where I was when I first met her is at least 1000X better. I cannot recommend The ADHD Advocate enough.

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