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The ADHD Advocate Turns Three

Last Friday marked the third anniversary of The ADHD Advocate!

These past three years have been amazing. It has been my pleasure to have helped so many ADHDers not only understand and accept their ADHD, but to embrace their unique gifts, and muster the courage and conviction to go on to fulfill their dreams. There has been so much growth and transformation - on both sides...

I'm always encouraging my ADHDers to celebrate their successes so in the spirit of practicing what I preach, I thought I would share with you the highlights from my journey over the past three years.

TAA 3rd Bday PDF
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I feel honoured to witness, coach and hold space for so many wonderful, talented and passionate ADHDers. I've had the privilege to have shared in their transformational journeys. 🦚 I've had a senior lawyer overcome her workplace barriers to become partner of her law firm. When she first came to me, she was seriously considering exiting the Law altogether as the challenges seemed insurmountable. With coaching, she persevered and succeeded. 🦚 A junior doctor in training initially in denial about her ADHD is now the ADHD expert in her local neurodivergent doctors group and about to embark on a career in Psychiatry. We aren't quite out of the woods yet unfortunately... Her ADHD has not been understood or well accommodated in her workplace. We have our last ARCP Panel to get through to complete her foundation training. It has been a real battle but she has shown great courage, determination and resilience. There's a lot at stake but together we will make it! 🦚 We have helped school students struggling in school to obtain Education, Health and Care Plans, allowing them to not only finally access their learning but experience academic success for the first time. Without our legal guidance, their parents would never have challenged their Local Authorities' decision to refuse an EHC assessment...

🦚 Then there are our university students... One particular student kept failing at university, sinking under the workload, pressures of student life and living away from home. Her parents wanted us to encourage her to give up on getting her degree, concerned about her wellbeing. She however was undeterred and determined to succeed. Through our coaching sessions and daily check ins, she passed her exams, wrote her dissertation (on Girls and Women with ADHD no less!) and finally got her university degree and is working at Deloitte. 🦚 We have helped many ADHDers get out of their own way. One recent example is Leanne Maskell, who through coaching was able to share her unique gifts to the world (once more) and published a book - the UK's own ADHD bible "ADHD: An A-Z". She is just one of many clients that have been able to step out of their comfort zones and live lives in integrity with who they really are (in fact quite a few of my clients have gone on to pursue ADHD Coaching!) This is just a handful of the successes my clients have achieved through coaching. There are so many other success stories that weave a rich tapestry into the ADHD experience. At times it's the small things that matter the most. Clearing through the weight of life, better understanding ourselves, developing better lines of communication and in turn developing deeper and stronger relationships with ourselves and those around us. Everyone has their own demons to conquer and I'm touched and influenced by all my alumni and current cohort. I want you all to find peace and happiness - whatever form that may take for you. Although some of you may be out of sight you are very much not out of my mind. To all my clients, partners and supporters, thank you for being part of this incredible journey.

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