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The ADHD Advocate Singer strikes again!

Eva is a precious ball of love and energy who has always lit up the room with her unwavering optimism and gratitude for all the things and the people in her life. Having ADHD, Autism and Dyslexia is a tricky combination for any child to handle, but Eva manages to take her anxieties and morph them into messages of positivity for everyone struggling with their fears. This song was created by Eva to encourage ADHDers to believe in, and show up for themselves. To assure them that they don’t have to be perfect to contribute to the world - to stop hiding and to take that first step even if they haven’t mapped out the journey. To have faith and keep going... In recognising, acknowledging and accepting their fear of failure and rejection ADHDers are able to be kinder and more understanding of themselves and move forward with an open toolkit for dealing with their sensitivities, shifting their perspectives and finally giving themselves permission to proceed. There is something sage and pure that comes from children, an innocence that simplifies everything to the core values. It’s my belief that we can all reclaim these messages, heal and move forward...hopefully leaving some of the fear on the roadside behind us, ideally spontaneously combusting as we strut off with our ADHD allies arm in arm in the sunset, with enough wind to make our outfits and hair look amazing ;) (Perhaps that’s a music video in the making!)

Keep on going, keep on growing, don't stop...

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