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Introducing our new ADHD Coach - Ben Isaacson

Here at The ADHD Advocate we are celebrating an addition to The ADHD Advocate team that we are very excited about...

Introducing our new ADHD Coach: Ben Isaacson

And why are we so excited? Well, there are many reasons.

Firstly, things are getting very busy around here. We don't want to turn away any ADHDers in need of support so we need more coaches - outstanding coaches that truly understand ADHD both in a personal and professional capacity.

Ben not only has personal experience of ADHD having ADHD himself but he is a certified ADHD Coach having trained at the ADD Coaching Academy. He also has UK accredited teacher training which gives him valuable insight into the ADHD experience at school having taught across all class groups from Reception to 6th Form.

Importantly, Ben knows first-hand the transformational power of ADHD Coaching having experienced it himself.

What we are particularly excited about is Ben's passion for coaching children with ADHD.

Ben loves coaching children. He appreciates how difficult it is for children with ADHD to pay attention and how painful boredom can be so makes sessions as fun and engaging as possible. He keeps little hands busy through hands-on activities and little ears open through appealing to their authentic interests.

Ben is a keen and attentive listener and takes note of the "little things" about the children in remarkable detail - a rare quality that makes the children really feel "seen".

With Ben, children feel heard and understood - often for the first time. Ben gives them a voice, much needed air time and instills in them a renewed sense of hope for their future.

Ben has walked in the shoes of many of the children that he coaches. Ben's own experience of ADHD throughout childhood caused him great difficulties in friendships, school and at home. He sees the potential in the children he coaches and helps them see it for themselves too.

At The ADHD Advocate we aim to educate and inspire children with ADHD to understand and embrace their ADHD, equipping them with the tools and systems that they need to thrive both at home and at school. We would love to empower your children with ADHD to live happily and in integrity with who they really are.

If you would like to support your child with ADHD, please get in touch to find out about our brand new ADHD Coaching Programme for Kids.

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