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Celebrating One Week of the ADHD Unlocked Membership Programme

Today marks the end of the first week of the ADHD Unlocked Membership Programme and it has been a fantastic week!

That's not to say that it hasn't been without its challenges, particularly its technological challenges...

Those that know me understand how I am a huge fan of throwing your backpack over the wall. Its a good and bad thing. Its a good thing in that it overcomes analysis paralysis so that you can "start now and get perfect later". Its not so good though for the people that inevitably have to come to the rescue. As much as I hate to admit this, that rescuer is usually my husband.

My husband Gavin hates the saying "throw your backpack over the wall". Particularly if he is the one that has to scramble over the wall to get it. I guess that's a fair call. He did spend the entirety of last weekend not just learning how to use Wordpress for the first time but single handedly managed to create the ADHD Unlocked Membership Programme Website with every automation you can think of to make it as seamless (and Stephanie friendly) as possible. He went above and beyond and I'm so lucky. I owe him big time (and he knows it!) In all seriousness, without him, the launch would never have been possible.

Us ADHDers don't operate very well in vacuums. Connections are so important to us - connections with people, our family, our pets, with nature, with the universe... We also need to be able to see the connections between things, to see that what we do will have meaning, an impact... that there is a point to what we do. Without it we don't do very well. We just can't muster the motivation. Connection essentially is an ADHDer's life force. This is what underpins the ADHD Unlocked Membership Programme. It is the core.

We are truly better together. We tend to be able to do for others those things we can't do for ourselves. If someone is counting on us, we will deliver. If we are part of the team, we make it our priority to not be the one that lets the team down. When we are connected to people, to something larger than ourselves, we can be the best version of ourselves.

The ADHD Unlocked Membership Programme is not just another pressure, another programme you buy into that you need to keep up with, to catch up on... That's not what its about at all. In hindsight, the use of the word "Programme" was perhaps misleading. ADHD Unlocked is all about community. Its a community of support and compassion. A place where members who participate in our daily nudges and evening catch up chats say of other members "Its like we are the same person!". A safe space where members can share and just be themselves... without guilt or shame. A forum for collaboration, for making connections on both personal and professional levels to accomplish those things we could never do alone. A place where we hold, not just the space for each other, but the highest vision of, and for, ourselves.

At ADHD Unlocked we "see" you... and you're not alone.

If you haven't yet joined the community and you're either being coached by me, have been coached by me, reached out to me to be coached but can't afford my 1:1 services then I strongly urge you to sign up. The programme is incredible value and the learnings are based on Michelle's extensive personal and professional experience raising ADHD awareness in her capacity as founder of ADHD Action and my 700 + hours of ADHD Coaching and the knowledge that I've gained personally and through the ADD Coaching Academy training. Even if you don't fall into that category - if you have ADHD then you need support. As they say, it takes a village to raise a child with ADHD. You might not be a child any longer but you have not grown out of your ADHD. It is something you have to learn to live with and manage, particularly if you want to make the most of your ADHD gifts. This is inarguably the best value support you can access.

Membership is currently 50% off - only £139.50 for one year's subscription! That's less than a 1:1 session with me so is really a steal given how much value you will get out of it.

As I ask my coachees - how will you make today great? This is definitely an option...

We can't wait for you to join us...

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