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An Ode to ADHD

October is ADHD Awareness Month

How to describe the hole inside?

The whir of thoughts

The fog descends

The loneliness

Where are my friends?

How to make sense of the life I lead?

The daily grind

The guilt underlies


The overwhelm

The inner hell

The possibility...

of me

It all alludes

The brink of sanity


What is that exactly?

To be human

I think therefore I am

...but I often don’t.

Ignorance is bliss they say -

until it isn’t...

How to describe the thoughts inside,

inside my mind?

I question my agenda

Whose services do I render?

What is my purpose?

What does it matter?

In the end where do we go?

For all I know

It’s all but a dream

It’s not as it seems

Pure tragedy?

A comedy?

No, it’s just me

… and my ADHD

~ Stephanie Camilleri

The ADHD Advocate

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