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ADHD in Women in the Workplace

Join The ADHD Advocate for a FREE Virtual Event on Wednesday 6 July at 12pm.

ADHD is a neurobiological condition that is very much misunderstood and under diagnosed, particularly in girls and women.

Unfortunately, ADHD in the workplace is still very much stigmatised, and those affected don't always receive the support they need to manage their ADHD challenges at work. Many end up overloaded, overwhelmed and burnt out.

Lean In Network, Frankfurt invites you to this session, where Stephanie will explore how ADHD presents in women, specifically in the workplace, the common obstacles they face, what they need to manage their ADHD challenges and more importantly, leverage their many strengths.

Her aim is to help you start looking through an ADHD lens – to understand the unique brain wiring of people with ADHD, to recognise the significant contributions of employees with ADHD, and to accommodate their needs so that they can thrive at work because of their ADHD, not in spite of it.

About Stephanie Camilleri

Stephanie is a former lawyer working in Banking, the founder of The ADHD Advocate and co-founder of ADHD Unlocked. Stephanie was diagnosed with ADHD as an adult in 2017, aged 38, following the diagnosis of two of her daughters.

Stephanie is a certified ADHD Coach who has helped educate and inspire managers, employees, entrepreneurs, creatives, students and their parents to understand and embrace their ADHD and helping them to create the structures and strategies they need to achieve their goals.

Register your place here.

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