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ADHD in the Workplace - Part 2


With great strength, comes great responsibility. ADHDers in the workplace when given the right conditions will thrive and even supersede their neurotypical counterparts. ADHD is a superpower with a whole heap of kryptonite that I’m on an eternal quest to avoid…

I can give examples of many talented and creative entrepreneurs, thought leaders, actors and musicians who all have ADHD - Emma Watson, Tony Robbins, Simone Biles, Justin Beiber/Timberlake, Solange Knowles - these are living proof that ADHD character traits lend themselves well to success. As part of ADHD awareness month I want to celebrate the strengths that ADHDers bring to the workplace (and in the spirit of balance we'll focus on the challenges next).

Perhaps one of the most prevailing strengths is hyper-focus. This is tied in with passion and interest. When we ignite the flame of interest as an ADHDer we become so hyper focused on what we are doing it would be unfathomable not to achieve what we set out to do, whatever that may be. We keep interest and see things through to the finish line, giving our 'all' to get there. Often we'll go above and beyond what was expected because of the sheer joy and passion invested in the task. This is probably why so many celebrities have ADHD - they've found their calling and held on tight to the end, seeing it through to final conclusions - stardom/success!

We're just that little bit different from other folks. Our brain is wired on a different tangent which furnishes us with a greater ability to think creatively and offer visionary perspectives to business, problem solving and life in general. We're not held down by traditional constraints as we don't see them. Our minds are full of new and subversive ideas that aren't filtered by whether or not they might work. 'Why not' and 'just do it' are our mottos for exploration and new ideas. We often jump in head first with unbridled positivity and conviction. Henry Ford explains the reason why many ADHDers succeed in areas where many others fear to tread.

"Whether you think you can or think you can't, you're right."

We're stimulated by risk and change, we thrive on the new and want things to improve and evolve. We like the feeling of positive uncertainty that comes from new ideas and creations, truly believing that 'anything is possible'. We are needed in the world to bring a new perspective and ideas for growth. We want to make the world better, through compassion, honesty and generosity - to leave something of ourselves behind. This comes from a heightened awareness of the world around us, a compassion for all the feelings flying around that we pick up on. We're idealists perhaps even dreamers that want to bring out the best in people. Raising everyone up together. We're great in times of huge pressure, often making great doctors/surgeons, lawyers, athletes and entertainers.

We have a massive desire to connect with the world around us. We flourish with people, having great personalities, and excellent conversationists. We know how to win clients, colleagues and friends over, mostly through our enthusiasm and interest in them and the work. Wanting to absorb as much as possible and get the most out of every situation.

Ultimately us ADHDers are a force to be reckoned with. Perhaps its time to find the thing you love and let all the strengths you have really come into full power. If you would like help along this journey please get in touch.

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