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Individuals with ADHD get distracted very easily. The ADHD brain needs stimulation to focus and sustain attention. These aids will help you stay engaged.

Noise Cancelling

Noise Cancelling Headphones are a great way to switch off and minimise distraction from your environment. They also help with noise sensitivities, great if you’re in an open plan office or have others around you. If you decide to listen to music, try and choose instrumental pieces as lyrics can also distract! These are perfect for when you want to focus on your work.

Blusmart A3 Laminator

Great for those all important visual prompts that you want to last, lamination will keep them protected so they can be in sight and in mind

Standing Desk Converter

Individuals with ADHD struggle to stay focused, particularly if they have to sit still for any period of time which negatively impacts on productivity.

Standing desks/standing desk converters allow individuals with ADHD to stand up while they work which increases their alertness and motivation.

Post It Notes

For really important reminders that need to be in sight and in mind straightaway, post it notes serve as quick and easy (but effective) visual prompts.

Placing post it notes on a document you are working on to keep your place can also help you transition off that task as you will be more easily able to pick up where you left off!

Magic Whiteboard

ADHDers work better with visual prompts to be reminded of key strategies/ tasks.

Magic Whiteboards can be taken down off the wall as easily as they are put up. These are great for recording actions, goals and also for ‘score keeping’ to help motivate you to reach your goal.

Fidget Cube

Individuals with ADHD often struggle with hyperactivity and find it difficult to concentrate if they have to sit still without moving. Being able to move in some way helps individuals with ADHD to stay stimulated which leads to better focus and improved emotional regulation.