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"If you don't set your agenda, you end up following someone else's". Sadly this is true for many individuals with ADHD who don't usually pause to get clear about what they want or should be doing on any particular day. These aids will help you get clear about your day's agenda so that you can start working towards achieving your goals.

High Performance Planner

Learn how to plan ahead, set your agenda, have complete visibility over your commitments. Avoid taking on too much and be prepared for upcoming meetings and deadlines.

Re-adhesive Monthly Wall Planner

Plan out the month ahead to better understand where your big projects and life events are taking place. Allow space to recover and prepare. Ensuring you take ample holidays and keep your tank full.

I love the re-adhesive element with this product, no nails required!

Fox Planner

Stay focused and increase productivity. Learn how to plan ahead, set your agenda, have complete visibility over your commitments. Feel empowered and proactive with this 12 month planner.

Year Wall Planner

Individuals with ADHD struggle with time management and don’t feel time passing like their neurotypical peers. In order to better manage their time it helps to see it.

Yearly Planners help to make the year ahead visual helping individuals with ADHD to get a better idea of when their projects/events are coming up giving themselves time to prepare.

Pilot Pen Frixion Erasable Rollerball Pen

Most individuals with ADHD are perfectionists and resist writing in their bullet journals or daily plans for fear of having to make changes later. They find that once they are crossing things out and re-writing entries or tasks, the page starts looking too cluttered which makes them reluctant to refer to the page due to overwhelm.

An erasable pen enables individuals with ADHD to write and refer to their plans more readily.