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Disorganisation is a common issue for individuals with ADHD, largely due to the executive function difficulties associated with ADHD. These aids will help you set yourself up for success.


Too many ideas? Mind mapping helps you capture, centralise and organise the ideas and information floating around inside your head. Furnishing you with tangible communicative (often visual) concepts for yourself and others to easily digest and work from. It feels great to have it all laid out clearly.

5 Tier Stackable Letter Tray

Filing trays are a great ‘hands on’ solution for cluttered workspaces. Clear desk, clear mind as ‘they’ say! Keep those documents that need to be actioned visible and on the ’to do’ list but in a contained and manageable way.

Individuals with ADHD either don’t record their tasks or do so in different notebooks/platforms so often lose track of what they have to do, compromising work performance. individuals with ADHD also struggle to update stakeholders with their progress which can adversely affect client relationships.

Individuals with ADHD benefit from visual team management software that captures tasks centrally and creates sub-tasks to make steps clearer and more achievable. Increases accountability as stakeholders can monitor and comment.

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Flipchart Easel Whiteboard

If computers slow you down, use an ‘old fashioned’ pen and paper to map out your ideas! ADHDers are visual processors and non-linear thinkers, so mapping out ideas visually can help. An Easel or Flipchart is perfect for this and also enables you to do your thinking on your feet, which enables you to make a start and keeps you focused.

BIC Highlighters

Individuals with ADHD find it difficult to read and retain information, particularly when there is a lot of it on a page. This makes it difficult to identify and recall the main points. As individuals with ADHD are visual processors, the use of colour can help with this.

The Remarkable Tablet

Note taking tablets are helpful to my clients as they find it harder to lose a tablet than a piece of paper. It can help centralise notes from meetings, phone calls and brainstorming sessions. Having all the information in one place and searchable reduces anxiety and increases productivity.

The Bullet Journal

Bullet Journalling is highly beneficial for individuals with ADHD and is essentially filing for their heads.

The Bullet Journal Method was created by an adult with ADHD so the methods proposed in this book are suited to the ADHD brain and helps ADHDers document and process their thoughts, plans, reflections and schedules.