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Individuals with ADHD are really sensitive to their environment. A cluttered space exacerbates an already cluttered mind. The problem is that individuals with ADHD find it very difficult to stay on top of their chores due to their interest-based nervous systems (vs an important based nervous system). These aids make the task a little more manageable.

Reminder Bracelets

Individuals with ADHD struggle to get their chores done – mostly because there are much more interesting things to be doing and they forget what they should be doing.
These bracelets serve as visual and tangible reminders of chores that need to be done. Simply write the chore on the tag provided and slip the bracelet on and only take it off when the job is done!

Eufy RoboVac

Individuals with ADHD find it difficult to keep up with household chores, particularly vacuuming. Its usually the last priority.
The problem is that many individuals with ADHD are reluctant to use cleaners as they are ashamed of the state of their house.
The robotic vacuum is an excellent solution as it does the vacuuming for you!