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The ADHD Advocate turns Four

This month marks the beginning of the Fifth Year of The ADHD Advocate.

These past four years have been amazing. It has been our pleasure to have helped so many ADHDers not only understand and accept their ADHD, but to embrace their unique gifts, and muster the courage and conviction to go on to fulfill their dreams. There has been so much growth and transformation - on both sides... We are proud of how far we have come together, especially all the changes we've gone through in the last year alone. I was reading ADHD 2.0 by Dr Hallowell and I had a "lightbulb moment". The kind I witness in my clients often - something that deeply resonates and causes a shift in perspective that changes everything...

For me, it was when I came across these words: "The life goal for ADHDers should be interdependence not independence" There, condensed into one short and succinct sentence, my very reason for establishing The ADHD Advocate... Independence should not be the goal for ADHDers for truly, together we are better. ADHDers can do for others what they can't do for themselves. I see it with the clients that I coach all the time. For ADHDers to thrive, we must collaborate, in both seeking and providing support. In order for us to focus on what we do best, we need support for those things that challenge us and get in the way of us fulfilling our potential. After all, where focus goes, energy flows. What's more, synergies strengthen our resolve and make us feel that we belong. Often, we feel disconnected from the world because we struggle to function the same as everyone else. It's in the coming together that we get to celebrate our neurodiversity - we feel less lonely, and we learn ways to navigate through our often-shared challenges. At The ADHD Advocate, we have grown to accommodate this need exponentially - from one coach (ie me) to a whopping nine coaches, each bringing their unique experience and specialisms to the table. Check them out here:

All these new heads together are proving a powerful combination and we have been able to achieve things at The ADHD Advocate that we couldn't do before. We've created a course aimed at parents of children with ADHD, a kids coaching programme, monthly parent meetings, group coaching sessions for teens, free webinars, delivered training, collaborated with employers, written books and really pushed the conversation forward. With many new offerings, we have lots in store and on the horizon too. We are always striving to grow the brand to make it as diverse, friendly, and as far reaching as possible. Here at The ADHD Advocate we advocate for synergy, collaborations, celebrating and sharing strengths. We recognise that none of this would have been possible alone. I'm always encouraging my ADHDers to celebrate their successes so in the spirit of practicing what I preach, I thought I would share with you the highlights from our journey over the last year.

To all our clients, partners and supporters,

thank you for being part of this incredible journey.

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