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Revision Tips for Children with ADHD

Updated: Oct 18, 2019

With GCSEs fast approaching, the Good Schools Guide has asked me to provide some revision tips for children with ADHD.

Drawing on the excellent teachings of the ADD Coaching Academy (ADDCA) and strategies that my clients have formulated in our coaching sessions and employed successfully at home, I've compiled a list of my top tips which you can find on the Good Schools Guide website:

One tip that isn't mentioned is the use of ADHD medication if prescribed. As ADDCA says, "Pills don't give skills", however what they do give our children with ADHD is focus, particularly in situations where they would not otherwise be interested (which commonly includes revising for exams!)

If you would like to learn more about ADHD and how you can better support your child with ADHD, visit and get in touch with me.

Stephanie Camilleri

The ADHD Advocate

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