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Group Coaching

ADHD Group Coaching Programme - Understand and Embrace ADHD

“I want to understand and embrace my ADHD –
get clearer about what I want to achieve,
learn how I can better manage my ADHD challenges and
leverage my ADHD strengths to live life more confidently and purposefully.”




  • Weekly small group ADHD Coaching sessions with The ADHD Advocate

  • 12 x 60 minute sessions face to face via videoconference

  • Prep and Recap forms provided to Coachee to complete to establish and record focus goals, test and measure strategies and record progress

  • Weekly coaching exercises (life coaching and ADHD specific) and recommended reading

  • Membership of The ADHD Advocate Facebook Group



The “body double” strategy is a key strategy for ADHDers – we tend to be more engaged and feel more motivated in a group of like-minded (and like-wired!) people who are facing similar challenges and looking for the same outcomes.  We also use our people pleasing tendencies (usually a weakness) as a strength through holding each other accountable – we are more likely to follow through if we have undertaken to do so to others (particularly if we like and respect them!).

The topics we cover in the programme include:

  1. Understanding your ADHD brain

  2. Embracing yourself and your ADHD with the right support

  3. Uncovering your Strengths, Values and Vision

  4. Attention and Focus

  5. Goal setting

  6. Planning

  7. Organisation

  8. Time Management

  9. Prioritisation

  10. Habit Formation

  11. Boundaries

  12. Communication

These topics should help you create the strategies and structures that you need to thrive with your ADHD.


Most importantly, this is not just a productivity group. It’s a coaching and accountability group designed to help you live your best life in integrity with who you really are, facilitated and championed by your coach and encouraged by your group members. This will give you the confidence that you need to reach your goals!

Enrol in the next ADHD Group Coaching Programme by getting in touch via our Contact page today.

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