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Entrepreneurship and Career Coaching, Parenting Guidance, Systemic Change Advocacy



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Ithalia: Championing Diversity, Art, and Empowerment in Coaching

At The ADHD Advocate, we are honoured to have Ithalia, an esteemed artist, cultural advocate, and coach, as part of our team. Ithalia's path to coaching is rooted in her personal journey with ADHD and her profound impact on the arts, particularly African diaspora dance and culture. Her multifaceted career and personal experiences as a guardian to neurodiverse children have equipped her with invaluable insights into entrepreneurship, career development, and parenting.


  • Entrepreneurship and Career Coaching: Leveraging her business acumen and artistic leadership to guide clients in their professional journeys.

  • Parenting Guidance: Drawing on personal experience to support parents and guardians of neurodiverse children.

  • Systemic Change Advocacy: Passionate about creating positive changes in workplaces and educational systems to benefit individuals and pupils with ADHD.

Achievements and Recognition:

  • Awarded Business Female of the Year and Trailblazer Dance Champion.

  • Recognised as a Clore Leadership Fellow for her contributions to arts and community engagement.


  • Co-founder of an award-winning dance charity focused on inclusivity and the transformative power of movement.

  • Extensive experience as a visiting lecturer addressing societal issues through dance.

  • Over a decade of mentoring and line-managing artists in the community.

  • EDI consultant for an anti-racism charity.

Coaching Philosophy:

Ithalia's coaching is deeply influenced by her artistic background, commitment to diversity, and lived experience with neurodiversity. She believes in the power of art to foster connection, resilience, and joy, principles she brings into her coaching practice to support individuals in realising their brilliance and achieving a fulfilling life.

Client Focus:

  • Adults seeking to navigate entrepreneurship, career changes, or personal growth challenges.

  • Individuals interested in addressing systemic barriers in the workplace or educational settings.

Why Choose Ithalia?

Choosing Ithalia as your coach means engaging with someone whose life work exemplifies the power of embracing diversity, resilience, and creativity. Her approach is not only informed by her professional achievements and accolades but also by her personal journey and dedication to supporting others. With Ithalia, you will find a coach who celebrates your uniqueness, encourages your growth, and helps you navigate the complexities of life with confidence and joy.

Embark on your coaching journey with Ithalia at The ADHD Advocate, and embrace the opportunity to live a life filled with happiness, empowerment, and fulfilment.

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