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Entrepreneurs; Corporate Professionals; Students in Higher Education; Academia; Parents; Late Diagnosis; Neurodiversity with Comorbidities; LGBTQIA+


ADDCA Basic; ADDCA Family; ADDCA Advanced (certification pending); ICF Associate Certified Coach; CPCAB Counselling Skills and Studies level 2/3; Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy; PhD Music/Anthropology.

Age Groups:

More Info:

At The ADHD Advocate, we are proud to have Emma as a key part of our coaching team. Emma brings a unique blend of professional training, lived experience, and a deeply empathetic approach to coaching individuals with ADHD and their families. With a background in academia, art and tech, and a solid foundation in ADHD coaching from ADDCA, Emma offers a comprehensive and insightful coaching experience.


Expertise and Qualifications:

  • ADHD Coaching: Trained through ADDCA's rigorous program, holding AACC certification and pursuing ACCG certification.

  • Academia and Study Skills: Extensive experience in university-level teaching and tutoring in study skills.

  • Certifications: Holds ICF ACC credential and working towards PCC, certificates in Understanding Autism, Autism and Sensory Experience from the National Autistic Society, level 2 and 3 counselling certifications, and level 4 diploma in hypnotherapy.


Special Interests:

  • Workplace and Entrepreneurship Coaching: working with entrepreneurs, self-employed people, and professionals at all levels from employee to managerial.

  • ADHD and Intersectional Identities: including but not limited to LGBTQIA+, autistic, and disabled or chronically ill ADHDers.

  • Family and Youth: Although newer to family coaching, Emma is keen to expand her expertise, particularly with teenagers and young adults.


Why Choose Emma?

Choosing Emma as your coach means partnering with someone who not only has the professional qualifications and expertise but also brings compassion, understanding, and a genuine commitment to your journey of growth and self-discovery. Emma's approach is tailored to each client, focusing on empowering you to navigate the complexities of ADHD with confidence and resilience.


Embark on your coaching journey with Emma at The ADHD Advocate and discover the transformative power of tailored support, empathy, and expert guidance.

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