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ADHD Coaching Services

Live life in integrity with who you really are.


We want to help you understand and master your individual ADHD characteristics to allow you to be the best version of yourself. Personalised coaching is a highly effective and proven method of achieving this. Not only does coaching provide dedicated support and education - it also offers accountability, which is a powerful tool to creating lasting habits and patterns, which help sustain long term change and growth. 


Our experts are passionate about what they do, having walked in similar shoes, they come with empathy, understanding and a real desire to help you identify and make the changes you deserve and need. Whether that's breaking down barriers, attitudes and blockages that allow you to get out of your own way or giving you the confidence to make small steps towards bigger goals that were hidden just beneath the surface the whole time! We are all different, deserving and working to our own time line. We want to focus on you and your needs. Coaching is one of the biggest most powerful acts of self-love we can gift ourselves. 


We recognise that everyone's preferences, and budgets vary, which is why we offer one to one and small group sessions. 


Our ethos is co-created sessions, we provide the questions, tools and knowledge, but it's up to you to have the answers... they are often waiting to come out, together we'll unearth them and come up with a plan of implementation that is realistic, attainable and measurable. There is nothing more empowering than making your first steps on your journey and starting to notice the benefits and improvements to your daily life. 

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One to one coaching is a highly effective way of gaining the accountability and insight you need in order to power through the challenges and changes you want to make. Together we will co-create your journey in understanding ADHD and how it impacts you in your daily life and the areas you would like to improve on. It can be a really powerful experience as you may discover needs previously hidden or ignored. Have no fear though, you're with a trained professional, who will break things into manageable and digestible chunks. We work at a pace suited to you and your lifestyle. We'll explore what motivates and gives you energy and look to see how we can set you up for success. We will encourage you to take your own lead and set in place new practices, routines and ways of being. The journey is a process there will be highs and lows, but it will be extremely rewarding. 



Co-coaching bridges the gap between employer and employees. It gives managers the confidence and expertise to recognise the neurodiverse needs - what accommodations are reasonable and actionable and identify any performance issues to be addressed. Being able to define and work within this boundary provides a sense of empowerment and harmony for both sides. Co-coaching provides a neutral space to workshop issues as they arise into a palatable to do list, with measurable outcomes and objectives. Having a mediator is particularly effective when dealing with ongoing conflict resolution and strained relationship dynamics.

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Group coaching allows you the opportunity to forms solid bonds with other participants through sharing, reassurance and community - proof that we are not alone in our problems and that often ADHD challenges are shared experience. We cover the same materials as one to one coaching, but tailored to the needs of the group. Something magical happens when we commit to meet at regular intervals, co-creating the journey together, we evolve collectively. There is a sense of solidarity and progression as we tackle issues - offering support, guidance and a practical toolkit for resolution and growth. There is also the monetary incentive making group coaching not only inclusive in a 'building relationships and community network' sense but also financially, being more cost effective. Our groups are kept small to give everyone an opportunity to be heard. 

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Leadership coaching is specifically designed with the Senior Management Team in mind. It’s suitable for anyone who manages neurodiverse employees, and particularly helpful at gaining a wider awareness and understanding of each neurodiversity and how we can best support employees to reach their full potential. We focus on strategies and policies to improve the workplace dynamic, providing the right environment to manage, assess and empower the workforce. Often employees are supported with direct workplace coaching; this bottom up approach can often fall short of the bigger picture. Leadership coaching is a top down solution to create a long lasting company wide ethos at how best to manage neurodiverse staff.

"To work with someone who completely ‘gets it’ is revolutionary"

Michelle Beckett - Founder of ADHD Action


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