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Helping individuals to be at their best through one-to-one, group and joint leadership coaching.

At The ADHD Advocate, all our ADHD Coaches have been trained by The ADD Coaching Academy, one of two ADHD Coaching Training Providers recognised by the International Coaching Federation.


Sessions can be one-to-one or in small peer groups. For individuals in employment, we try to involve line managers in creating and implementing the workplace plan that is created through the course of the coaching.

We are experts in supporting individuals with ADHD and the sessions will be led by the needs of the individual. Typical topics of interest include areas such as time management, memory and organisation. We don’t ‘teach’, we ask questions, encourage the practice of strategies and help identify things that are working well. 


Every coaching program is specific to the individual.

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Coaching is about finding practical solutions to difficulties and recognising how to play to existing strengths. For example, if we discover that memory works best for meaningful events, we will practise ways to associate boring things with meaningful events, to remember them. Coaching is also about working with stress levels, knowing how to change habits to be in the best state possible and identifying longer term goals to help find motivation. Clients are expected to try new things and practise in between sessions. It isn’t always easy but it does work.



Co-coaching is a service we developed for employees and employers who need support to understand where performance is going wrong and how they can work together. We often find that managers want to help, but aren’t sure where the boundary is between a neurodiverse need that must be accommodated and a performance issue that must be addressed. In co-coaching, we systematically break down the issues and tasks into clear, measurable outcomes and address them with specific strategies that both employee and line manager agree upon. This process is particularly useful for addressing historical conflicts and working with employees who find it hard to communicate.

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We have found that coaching delivered in groups works really well as participants can learn from each other about what strategies work, and develop a support network of like-minded peers. We deliver a range of group interventions across our service areas.

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Leadership coaching is a proactive way to help senior leaders and line managers support all of their employees but it is especially useful when working with individuals with ADHD. Many employees are offered reasonable adjustments in the form of one-to-one workplace strategy coaching. However, senior leaders and managers are often left out of this process and are not advised how they can support their employees, though they usually want to help. The aim of this coaching is to upskill those who are managing neurodiverse/neurodivergent employees. Rather than a general awareness training, leadership coaching is specific to the conditions and individuals that report in to them and can help devise strategies for managing performance.

"To work with someone who completely ‘gets it’ is revolutionary"

Michelle Beckett - Founder of ADHD Action



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