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- The ADHD Advocate

Did you know that having ADHD can be like having a superpower? Of course, it can also be challenging and sometimes even debilitating – but only if you don’t know how your very special brain works.


That’s where I come in. As The ADHD Advocate, I’m here to help you direct and control your superpower rather than have it control you. I understand how the ADHD brain works and more importantly, I understand what it’s like to be you. Why…? Because I have ADHD too!

Having ADHD gives me the edge as an ADHD Coach because I’ve been in your shoes and I will always have a foot in your camp. The difference is that now I have the professional training and experience to help you navigate the pitfalls and obstacles of the neurotypical world. Not only that, but I can be your Advocate.

And what does that mean…?

“Advocate” = promoter, believer, backer (yup, that’s me because I’m an Educator and Coach)

“Advocate” = lawyer (that’s me too!)


So you can see why I am uniquely positioned to help you from every angle, from your struggles to accept yourself and take control of your life, to getting the support you are entitled to under law. I can help move you from a place of overwhelm and frustration towards a place of clarity and control.  Let me be your champion and help you channel your unique gifts to live a happy and fulfilling life in integrity with who you really are...

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