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ADHD Awareness Training

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Tailor made ADHD Awareness and Education

Without ADHD Awareness we are only fixing half the problem. A community and workplace unable to support it's members and employees will fail. 

We want you to get the best out of your staff, which is why we offer comprehensive, enlightening workplace training that aims to educate rather than dictate. We want to invite you to explore the complexities of ADHD and how it may manifest in the workplace. How we can support your staff and give them to the tools to thrive and succeed. Generating business wealth and a productive, long-lasting workforce. 

A company that has made steps to be ADHD friendly will be benefiting from a dedicated, passionate and appreciative staff. Through intelligent, well thought out training - we want your team to be able to not only support - but recognise, the needs of others. Compassion and understanding filters through the business and it's up to those that can, to set the culture within. Often as ADHD diagnosis is on the whole relatively young, it's the children of parents with ADHD that are being diagnosed first, way before the parent/employee even considers that they may have an ADHD need. It's possible that there may be staff struggling that are unaware they have ADHD.

Many neurodiverse conditions still carry weighty negative connotations, from experience it's very common that employees will try and hide any shortfall or need, rather than ask for reasonable adjustments to be made to improve their workplace happiness and efficiency. 

Our awareness training not only sheds light on the nuances of ADHD focusing on the three differing types, charactistics and needs - it also highlights the many other neurodiverse companions of ADHD including Dyslexia, RSD (Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria), OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder). We want to work at removing the surrounding stigma of these conditions and normalise nuerodiversity in the workforce, so that businesses are equiped to accommodate and move forward. 

If you would like to grow and evolve as a company and feel you and your staff may benefit from ADHD Awareness Training please get in touch. We offer tailor made courses to suit your business and training and development requirements.

"I feel understood instead of isolated, which makes a huge difference. It makes things feel solvable and comprehendible"

Group Meeting


We can tailor to suit your business needs from large scale online masterclasses to specialist consultancy that feds into strategic HR planning. Often our clients want small group sessions with our expert trainers. We are functioning ADHD coaches, with a unique perspective helping both businesses and employees simultaneously. Through our training you will be able to recognise ADHD in the workplace; understand the strengths and limitations of ADHD; offer practical, helpful and empathetic tools to support and improve the workplace dynamic; promote strategies for success. Our courses are highly praised within the industry. 

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Gaining more popularity in recent years our online masterclasses are specific to each business we work with. We tailor our ADHD webinars to suit the needs of the audience, offering more focus on various topics including education and understanding; communication and time management; tools and strategies for success or a broader 'ADHD in the workplace' overview, popular inclusion for company wide diversity development. We offer live sessions with Q&A (most requested - as time pressure and 'live' element give focus) or pre-recorded listen at your leisure (great for busy teams) options generally under an hour, but option for longer if required. 

"To work with someone who completely ‘gets it’ is revolutionary"

Michelle Beckett - Founder of ADHD Action