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Family (Parents/Teens/Kids)

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Family (Parents/Teens/Kids)

Leanne Maskell


Leanne was an international fashion model from the age of 13 so has a unique insight into the peer pressure girls with ADHD are placed under to lose weight, take drugs and drink alcohol. Leanne can help your teen navigate the pitfalls of growing up with ADHD. Leanne also assists adults with ADHD in the workplace, helping them understand their workplace challenges and equipping them with the tools and structures they need to harness their strengths.

Leanne is perfectly positioned to coach ADHDers around issues that she has faced (and overcome) including bullying at school, studying at university, eating disorders, "vices" such as drugs and alcohol, phone addiction, relationship difficulties and workplace related struggles.

Eleni Sfiroudis


I started where you are.....overwhelmed and unsure of how to support a child with an ADHD diagnosis. There was some information about ADHD, but I needed to better understand it, and put together a plan to navigate this unfamiliar place.

These days, information about ADHD is everywhere. But having access to information and knowing how to effectively use it are two very different things. This is where I can help!

I am a certified ADHD coach and parent trainer. I offer ADHD training for parents, teachers, and medical professionals. I also offer executive function skills support and family coaching.

I firmly believe that we--as parents, educators, caregivers, medical professionals, family members--need to understand the ADHD brain's strengths and unique learning styles before we can support someone with an ADHD diagnosis. This often requires a shift in how we think about and approach many things, and I will guide you through this process.

There is no magic ADHD handbook but with knowledge, patience, and consistency, great changes can happen. This belief is at the core of my coaching practice, and I can do the same for you.

Ben Isaacson


The playground can be a brutal place for any child. ADHD doesn’t just affect students in the classroom, nor does it mean that they’re always getting into fights. For many children with ADHD, the biggest struggle is the negative perception they get from their peers. If your child has ADHD, it’s likely they’ll be focusing on many negative thoughts throughout the day. It’s the small moments in the playground that can make all the difference. The negativity remains with the child throughout the school day and will likely find a release later in the evening.

If your child is stressed or angry at the end of the school day, it could be the result of loneliness, rejection, boredom or bullying. If the child suffers in silence, these feelings will likely develop into harmful negative perceptions over time. It’s so important for children with ADHD to have a support system to get them through the challenges of childhood. If you suspect your child is having a hard time, a mentor or coach who understands your child’s ADHD can make a huge difference to their life.

I can help. I understand first hand the challenges growing up with ADHD. Not only am I a certified ADHD Coach but I also have UK accredited teacher training, giving me valuable insight into the ADHD experience at school having taught across all class groups from Reception to 6th Form. I love coaching children and know how difficult it is for those with ADHD to pay attention and how painful boredom can be so I make sessions as fun and engaging as possible with lots of games and hands-on activities. I make sure the children feel seen and heard and instil in them the hope and confidence (as well as equip them with the tools and systems) that they need to thrive with ADHD.

Stephanie Camilleri


Stephanie Camilleri leads The ADHD Advocate as our CEO. As a proud ADHDer herself, she is passionate about educating and inspiring as many people as possible to understand and embrace ADHD. She is also the co-founder of ADHD Unlocked, a membership community that provides ADHD education, implementation and community support. Stephanie used to be a Magic Circle Lawyer in Banking and understands the challenges first hand of navigating the workplace with ADHD and is passionate about raising ADHD awareness in Education, Healthcare and the Workplace, particularly in professions such as the Law and Medicine.