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Scarlet Simmons

Kids Coach


Children and Teenagers


BSc in Psychology from the University of York, with a focus on Child Psychology, MA in Theatre from The Royal Central School of Speech & Drama, trained in professional role-play and level 2 EduCare qualifications, including SEND care.

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More Info:

Scarlet has has a BSc in Psychology, and a Masters in Acting, which she uses to help children find confidence, develop their social skills, and discover tools to help them in their everyday life. She has experience working in schools as a teacher, so understands the limitations that the system can push onto a child or parent, which can make life feel like a battle. While mentoring, she uses her role play experience to engage the children and encourage self-discovery in a fun, exciting way. As someone who has ADHD herself, she wholly understands the struggles and difficulties children, and adults, experience, both at home, and at school.

After recently being diagnosed with ADHD, I have seen an insider view at how little support and guidance there is for people with a diagnosis. Through school and growing up, I was also told I had anxiety/depression/eating disorders etc which just left me feeling very confused and isolated. I believe that no child should have to go through that, and it doesn’t take much to help a child feel supported and understood. This is why I joined The ADHD Advocate - to utilise my skills and knowledge in the most effective way with the aim of guiding children through their ADHD.

My degree in Psychology has given me a fantastic base understand of cognition, behaviour and the brain, while my acting qualifications and experience allows me to bring that knowledge to life in a practical way, in order to engage and encourage children to work through their thoughts using role play, silliness and fun. I have extensive experience working with children, both in the classroom and out, so understand the struggles that students experience in school, and know how to help.

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