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Certified ADDCA Coach


Business, Family, Students


Richard is a certified ADHD Coach (ADDCA) with an honours degree in Psychology with Business.

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Richard is a certified ADHD Coach (ADDCA) with an honours degree in Psychology with Business. He also trained as a Family Coach with a deep understanding of ADHD. He supports professionals, students and families. Richard helps clients with ADHD transform their lives; from the stress and anxiety of their ADHD symptoms to a better life where they can confidently, understand, manage and thrive with their ADHD. Richard is trained in the remote delivery of the Safe and Sound Protocol which is very effective on clients with PTSD, heightened anxiety and mild depression.

Richard hails from the corporate world and has extensive experience in a number of business areas including operations, finance, sales and strategy (prior to becoming a coach he was the General Manager of East Africa’s leading independent agricultural laboratory). Richard brings his specialist knowledge and wealth of experience to the business owners, employees and employers that he coaches.

What Richard's clients say about him:

"Learning more about ADHD, and having the support of a positive, understanding & encouraging coach has meant the world to me in this early phase of realising I have ADHD. I’ve gained a much deeper understanding of my coping strategies and things I have previously thought to be behavourial issues. I’ve also learnt to be a lot more accepting and caring towards myself - which is something that hasn’t ever really come naturally. It feels like the beginning of a new dawn in my life and I’m really looking forward to seeing where it leads me. Thank you Richard."

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