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Liam Gordon



Workplace, Career, Executive Function Skills and Business


ADDCA Simply

Bachelors of Business (majoring in Advertising and Marketing with Honours)

Certificate of Fashion Design

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More Info:

Like many ADHDers, Liam has a natural flair for business. He holds a Bachelor of Business (Marketing and Advertising) and has extensive experience in the corporate world. Liam has worked in one of the top 5 global creative advertising agencies in the world for brand such Samsung, Burger King and BMW where he worked in Account Management and Client Services. He also has extensive experience in Sales, having worked as Sales Territory Manager for Heinz. He understands ADHD and its impact in both a corporate and creative context having personally navigated the numerous challenges his ADHD presented in the workplace himself. He is also well aware of the challenges ADHD presents for entrepreneurs having co-founded a Business which he later sold to take some much needed time off.

Liam is passionate about helping ADHDers identify and lean into their strengths to achieve their professional goals. He draws upon all his unique experiences (both good and bad) and extensive ADHD expertise to partner with ADHDers to fulfil their potential in a way that still allows them to pursue their interests and spend time on the things and with the people that really matter. Liam appreciates how difficult it can be to work in the corporate environment with ADHD when you don’t understand how your ADHD is getting in the way of your performance. Liam is keen to help you overcome your ADHD challenges and leverage your ADHD strengths so that you can thrive because of your ADHD, not in spite of it.

Outside of teaching and coaching you’ll find Liam producing music, reading up and always learning more about ADHD, Nutrition and Psychology, playing a variety of sports with friends or hitting the gym.

What Liam's clients say:

"We struggled for a long time to find someone who understood my son and after trying various mentors, counsellors and coaches, we finally found Liam. Liam put both myself and my son at ease. He was sympathetic and accommodating. If my son was having a bad day, Liam would always be happy to re-arrange appointments that worked for us. Liam had a wonderful way of getting my son to open up which has always been difficult. He re-assured my son and was often talking about his own personal experiences which left my son feeling relieved that someone could relate to him and the issues he struggles with. Liam often shared tactics that he’d used in the past that were really useful for my son. Liam was always polite, professional and always went above and beyond."

- Parent of an ADHDer

"Liam has helped me to manage my ADHD on a very practical level as well as coach me through a difficult situation at work. He is very approachable and understanding, and I don’t think I could have navigated the early days without his help in identifying additional needs and steering me in the right direction. I would recommend him and his approach to anyone in a similar situation. "

- Employee with ADHD

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