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Leanne Maskell

Senior Coach


Employees, employers, body image, legal professionals, phone addiction, social media, and anxiety


Author of 'ADHD: an A to Z', 'the Model Manifesto', ADDCA Certification (in progress), legal policy adviser in mental health & disability

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More Info:

As featured on Sky News, Leanne is the best-selling author of 'ADHD: an A to Z', and has trained companies such as Microsoft on ADHD as well as being an ADHD Coach. Having previously worked in mental health and disability law for over 2 years, Leanne is passionate about supporting ADHD in the workplace, and empowering people with ADHD to work with their brains, instead of against it.

Leanne started modelling age 13 for brands like Vogue, publishing 'the Model Manifesto', which help prompt the Government to establish a working group which she sits on with singer Rebecca Ferguson. After seeing the challenges her coaching clients were experiencing, in 2022, Leanne published 'the Reality Manifesto' to support people with challenges relating to their mental health, body image, and social media.

She still works as a model alongside coaching, working for brands such as Next and L'Oreal. Outside of this, she can be found rollerblading, doing trapeze classes, or trying to read 10 books at the same time!

Please note Leanne works exclusively with Adult ADHDers (18+).


"I previously hated using my ADHD as an excuse for not being able to achieve what I wanted to, but Leanne has shown me how to be kinder to myself and helped me to focus on the positive aspects of the condition." "It's so clear that Leanne doesn't view coaching as simply a job - she truly cares so much about her clients and wants to see them succeed. She's such a positive influence on the people around her, and she's just phenomenal at what she does."

"I thought the TAA Programme would help me to make surface-level adjustments to improve my life (which it did), but I wasn't expecting it to change my whole outlook on life. I recently had a huge rejection which halted my career trajectory, and six months ago this would have absolutely destroyed me and put me in a very dark place. Not only did Leanne stop this from happening, but she actually has completely flipped my mindset to see it as a positive thing."

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