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Entrepreneurial Coaching,
Workplace Coaching, Team and Leadership Coaching.


Chartered Institute of Marketing Level 3, PG Cert in Change Management, ActionCOACH Business Coaching Certification, ActionCOACH Executive Coaching Certification, Certified DISC Practitioner, Completed the Non-Executive Director Training Programme

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Kerry: Empowering Change and Leadership in the ADHD Community

At The ADHD Advocate, Kerry stands out as a beacon of guidance for professionals navigating the challenges of ADHD. Kerry's approach to coaching is built on a foundation of collaboration, community, and a strong belief in the transformative power of structured growth and leadership development.


  • Entrepreneurial Coaching: Guiding entrepreneurs to harness their ADHD strengths for business success.

  • Workplace Coaching: Offering strategies for managing ADHD in professional environments.

  • Team and Leadership Coaching: Fostering leadership qualities in individuals with ADHD, enhancing team dynamics and performance.


  • Chartered Institute of Marketing Level 3

  • PG Cert in Change Management

  • ActionCOACH Business Coaching Certification

  • ActionCOACH Executive Coaching Certification

  • Certified DISC Practitioner

  • Completed the Non-Executive Director Training Programme


Kerry brings a wealth of experience from various roles including business owner, CIC owner, corporate trainer, coach, and volunteer trustee. This diverse background enriches Kerry's coaching, allowing for a wide-ranging impact on clients seeking to improve their professional lives and leadership skills.

Coaching Philosophy:

Kerry believes in the power of understanding and leveraging individual strengths to foster professional growth and effectiveness. By focusing on adult and professional coaching, Kerry aims to unlock the potential in each client, driving positive change and enhancing leadership capabilities within the ADHD community.

Client Focus:

Kerry's coaching services are tailored for:

  • Adults in the professional sphere, including entrepreneurs, corporate professionals, and team leaders.

  • Individuals looking to improve workplace performance, leadership skills, and team dynamics.

Kerry is dedicated to clients who are committed to personal and professional development.

Why Choose Kerry?

Choosing Kerry as your coach means engaging with a professional who is not only well-qualified but also deeply passionate about making a difference in the lives of adults with ADHD. Kerry's focus on entrepreneurship, leadership, and workplace dynamics, combined with a strategic approach to ADHD management, makes them an ideal coach for professionals looking to navigate the complexities of ADHD with confidence and clarity.

Embark on a journey of transformation and leadership development with Kerry at The ADHD Advocate, and experience the power of targeted coaching in achieving professional excellence and personal fulfillment.

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