Liam Gordon



Workplace, Career, Executive Function Skills and Business


ADDCA Simply

Teaching Assistant in a SEN School, trained up to be a Teacher/Tutor onsite

U.K. SafeGuarding Trained.

Team Teach - Certificate In Positive Behavior Management.

Liam is a teacher as well as an ADHD coach/mentor. He has been teaching for the last 3-4 years, working with SEN (Special Educational Needs) students - predominately teenagers with all different needs from ADHD, Dyslexia, Autism, suffering from abandonment and neglect issues and anti-social behaviour problems.

Liam loves helping people and believes he can make a big impact and difference to many ADHD’ers lives to help propel them forward to achieve their goals and fulfill their potential. He draws upon all his unique experiences and challenges (both good and bad) as well as his extensive expertise supporting young people with SEN.

Like many ADHDers, Liam has a natural flair for business. He holds a Bachelor of Business (Marketing and Advertising) and has extensive experience in the corporate world - from working in a well-known global creative advertising agency and different sales roles to co-founding a Business which he later sold to take some time off and travel around the world. Liam is passionate about helping ADHDers identify and lean into their strengths to achieve their professional goals. He draws upon all his unique experiences (both good and bad) and extensive ADHD expertise to partner with ADHDers to fulfil their potential in a way that still allows them to pursue their interests and spend time on the things and with the people that really matter.

Outside of teaching and coaching you’ll find Liam producing music, reading up and always learning more about ADHD, Nutrition and Psychology, playing a variety of sports with friends or hitting the gym.

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