Leanne Maskell



Teenagers (Body Image/ Mental Health Issues), Students, Employees (incl. Legal Professionals) and Employers


Author of 'ADHD: an A to Z', 'the Model Manifesto', ADDCA Certification (in progress), legal policy adviser in mental health & disability

Leanne was an international fashion model from the age of 13 so has a unique insight into the peer pressure girls with ADHD are placed under to lose weight, take drugs and drink alcohol. Leanne can help your teen navigate the pitfalls of growing up with ADHD. Leanne also assists adults with ADHD in the workplace, helping them understand their workplace challenges and equipping them with the tools and structures they need to harness their strengths.

Leanne is perfectly positioned to coach ADHDers around issues that she has faced (and overcome) including bullying at school, studying at university, eating disorders, "vices" such as drugs and alcohol, phone addiction, relationship difficulties and workplace related struggles.

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