Ben Isaacson

Kids Coach


Children ages 8 to 16 year's


ADDCA Certification, ICF Associate Certified Coach, MA International Development Management, BA Business Management and Postgraduate Certificate of Education.

The playground can be a brutal place for any child. ADHD doesn’t just affect students in the classroom, nor does it mean that they’re always getting into fights. For many children with ADHD, the biggest struggle is the negative perception they get from their peers. If your child has ADHD, it’s likely they’ll be focusing on many negative thoughts throughout the day. It’s the small moments in the playground that can make all the difference. The negativity remains with the child throughout the school day and will likely find a release later in the evening.

If your child is stressed or angry at the end of the school day, it could be the result of loneliness, rejection, boredom or bullying. If the child suffers in silence, these feelings will likely develop into harmful negative perceptions over time. It’s so important for children with ADHD to have a support system to get them through the challenges of childhood. If you suspect your child is having a hard time, a mentor or coach who understands your child’s ADHD can make a huge difference to their life.

I can help. I understand first hand the challenges growing up with ADHD. Not only am I a certified ADHD Coach but I also have UK accredited teacher training, giving me valuable insight into the ADHD experience at school having taught across all class groups from Reception to 6th Form. I love coaching children and know how difficult it is for those with ADHD to pay attention and how painful boredom can be so I make sessions as fun and engaging as possible with lots of games and hands-on activities. I make sure the children feel seen and heard and instil in them the hope and confidence (as well as equip them with the tools and systems) that they need to thrive with ADHD.

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