Hands Together

The ADHD Advocate Team

Live life in integrity with who you really are.


Having ADHD gives our coaches the edge because we've been in your shoes and will always have a foot in your camp. The difference is that we have the professional training and experience to help you navigate the pitfalls and obstacles of the neurotypical world. Not only that, but we can be your Advocates.


And what does that mean…?

“Advocate” = promoter, believer, backer (yup, that’s us because we see that ADHD can be a source of strength with the right understanding and support)

“Advocate” = lawyer/advocate (US) (some of us have a Legal background too)


So you can see why we are uniquely positioned to help you from every angle, from your struggles to accept yourself and take control of your life, to getting the support you are entitled to under the Law.  Our ADHD Coaches can help move you from a place of overwhelm and frustration towards a place of clarity and control.  Let us be your champions and help you channel your unique gifts to live a happy and fulfilling life in integrity with who you really are.


Stephanie Camilleri


Stephanie Camilleri leads The ADHD Advocate as our CEO. As a proud ADHDer herself, she is passionate about educating and inspiring as many people as possible to understand and embrace ADHD. She is also the co-founder of ADHD Unlocked, a membership community that provides ADHD education, implementation and community support. Stephanie used to be a Magic Circle Lawyer in Banking and understands the challenges first hand of navigating the workplace with ADHD and is passionate about raising ADHD awareness in Education, Healthcare and the Workplace, particularly in professions such as the Law and Medicine.